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Robert J. Hansen wrote:
>> Even if they did intercept them, are the Americans any good at
>> interrogating a horse?
> Yes.  We are world champions at beating dead horses.  To interrogate a
> horse, first simply shoot it in the head, and then we can leverage our
> dead-horse-beating skills in order to do enhanced equine interrogation.

Ah, yes... the fetish of equinonecroflagellation. It has an strikingly common
rate of incidence with maxicryptosizism[*], along with Internet posts labeling
the author[s]'s opinions vis-a-vis cryptography usage as "Best Practices".

I have found the best way to handle best practice cryptography posts is to
look for the writer[s]'s academic and/or professional qualifications and act
accordingly. Recommendations of RSA-4096 for general use allow me to bypass
that step. Security is a system, a chain. Fixating on a single, unlikely to be
attacked, link in that chain often ignores the other more easily attacked
links. Think of it as installing a bank vault door on a Bedouin tent.


[*] Rob, I believe you can guess the argot I use for practitioners of this
dubious rite.

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