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Martin Behrendt martin-gnupg-users at
Thu Mar 13 11:44:08 CET 2014

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I want to achieve the following:
1. A Master signing key
2. A subkey signing/enc pair for my normal machine
3. A subkey signing/enc pair for e.g. my mobile device

What I want to do is to have a different "pair" for my mobile device
or work computer than on my machine. I want to give those pairs a
shorter lifetime like 1 year (depending on the paranoia level) so I
can change them more frequently. (Besides the hopefully security
advantages this also would make changing outdated subkeys more easily
because there will be still a working keypair while people still
update to the new keypairs)

To setup a key with subkeys is not to big of a problem. There are
enough tutorials out there. I just didn't find a nice key management
tool for that. Especially exporting keys with only one of the subkey
pairs requires some work ...

Now the following problem arises (at least from the reading I have
done). As I understand gpg only uses one of the encryption subkeys to
encrypt the message. So the question is, is it possible to encrypt to
all encryption subkeys in a key? And if yes, is there an easy way to
do it, so also not just me can handle that, but also the people who
sent me encrypted mails. (And if not, does it make sense to implement
something like this in gnupg?)

And a more general question: This approach generates some overhead so
is there maybe a way to achieve something similar more easily?

Thanks for ideas and input.
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