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> > gpg --recipient 0xD4BC64B8\!
> I've never see it with a backslash before the exclamation mark.
> What does the backslash add?

That has nothing to do with GnuPG it is for the Shell.

man bash:
"History expansions are introduced by the appearance of the history 
expansion character, which is ! by default. Only backslash (\) and 
single quotes can quote the history expansion character."

"Several characters inhibit history expansion if found immediately 
following the history expansion character, even if it is unquoted: 
space,  tab,  newline, carriage return, and =.  If the extglob shell 
option is enabled, ( will also inhibit expansion."

Thus the \ is not necessary in this case. But because I often forget 
which characters inhibit history expansion I got used to always escape 

If history expansion is active in your shell (bash: "echo $-" contains 
"H") compare

gpg --recipient 0xD4BC64B8\!
gpg --recipient "0xD4BC64B8!"

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