Managing Subkeys for Professional and Personal UIDs

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Sat May 3 13:35:14 CEST 2014

> Personally, I would prefer not to discriminate against black people,
> for reasons that have already been expressed on the list. But if
> there's a corporate policy that says I have to, then that's the way
> you play the game.

In which case, the proper response is to say "I quit."  That's a simple
moral issue: the company policy is for something I find morally
reprehensible, and so I quit.

Morally reprehensible policies, though, are not the same as *foolish*
policies.  In which case yes, by all means, bring the foolishness to the
attention of those who have the ability to change it... but so long as
you wish to be employed, make sure to comply with the foolish policy.

Speaking just for myself, if my employer were to slam a business-class
plane ticket in my hand and tell me "you're flying to Indore and hopping
a bus to Ranapur and we want you to have your face painted blue for the
entire journey," well, I might ask a few questions.  But it's hardly
offensive and I have a rent check to pay, and I've done many things in
my life more foolish than painting my face blue before hopping on a
business-class to Indore.

> It is okay to say: "This is done." But please ALWAYS conclude (if
> "this" is stupid/injustice/bad practice) "but it needs to be changed."

This is done.  But, you know what?  *We're not going to change it*.  So,
since this is done, let's accept reality and work with what is, rather
than talk about what a tremendous injustice it is that the world has
stupid people in it who will not listen to our wisdom about the way
things ought to be.

The world is full of stupid people and stupid policies.  Change what you
can; encourage others to change what they can; and when 99% of the world
around you is still as stupid as it was yesterday, roll up your
shirtsleeves and start engaging with what's left.

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