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Am 05.05.2014 12:55, schrieb Robert J. Hansen:
>> This is, again, rhetoric and not an argument. I explained that
>> before.
> As I explained, you are choosing not to recognize the argument.
You honestly seem to think that "We are doing $A, so it is okay to do
keep on doing $A instead of working towards doing $B which is way
smarter to do." is an argument. This gives me an explanation why you
didn't listen to your doubts in the mentioned story. Maybe you got
convinced to keep on going by similar "arguments"?

> Point blank: /the world does not care what you think./  Nor what I 
> think, for that matter.  The world cares about its established 
> procedures and The Way Things Have Always Been Done.  If you try
> very hard, you may be able to make small amounts of headway in
> changing small things.  I encourage this: choose wisely where you
> will expend your efforts.  But that will still leave vast parts of
> the world that will not be changed, and you have to have some plan
> for dealing with those parts other than to tsk-tsk and say, "well,
> they shouldn't be doing that."
> By all means, pick an important part of the world that needs
> changing and work on it.  But the rest of the world will keep on
> going about its merry way, not giving a damn what you -- or I --
> think of it.

Can you see the fundamental difference for the development of our
society in defending stupidity; and working to reduce the effect of
stupidity but *at least* pointing out or mentioning smartness?
Change doesn't come by one person. It comes by enough people speaking
about it. You have to start somewhere. And if you don't feel like not
to do the least bit, to improve our society. Well than maybe you also
shouldn't make an effort against it. Especially not with senseless
rhetoric which has been used to discriminate against people and worse
and justifying for others not to do something about it.

It is completely valid to argue!!!: $A is easy, simple, takes no
effort and it works. These can be good arguments to not to change
something in place. And explaining to change to $B takes to much
resources and thats why we are not doing is, is also valid. Than you
can have a discussion. But the other rhetoric is just wrong.

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