gnupg smartcard on boot for LUKS on sid debian howto ?

Peter Lebbing peter at
Sun May 18 13:52:52 CEST 2014

On 16/05/14 16:06, tux.tsndcb at wrote:
> I answer my self, after, many many tests done, in fact it isn't
> actually possible to do it under sid debian => root cause bug on
> systemd :

That's a pity it doesn't work on sid. I've been meaning to look into
this since you brought it up, and I finally made some time to do it.
Since I think Sid is a nasty kid who plays much too roughly with my
toys, I used Jessie, and it does work there. Looking at the Debian bug,
I think they'll fix it.

What I would really like, by the way, is if you clicked an unopened
encrypted volume in your file manager, and it would prompt for your PIN
through pinentry. But that doesn't work yet. Unlocking the root
filesystem and other filesystems that are unlocked on boot does work.

You can check out what I did on

I haven't tried it on Wheezy yet (I will), but I think it will work
there as well.



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