gnupg smartcard on boot for LUKS on sid debian howto ?

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Hello Peter

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> But I've always :
> gpg: pcsc_etablish_context failed: no service (0x8010001d) gpg: card
> reader not evailable
> may be it's problem on boot with 60-gnupg.rules file ? This file
> works fine after boot because smartcard redaer works fine.

Is your card reader supported by GnuPG's internal CCID driver or do you
need pcscd for the smartcard to work? Related question: Is pcscd usually

As I said, your smartcard reader really needs to be supported by GnuPG's
internal driver, it will not work if pcscd is needed. The messages seem
to indicate that pcscd is needed.

Yes of course, it's for that than I'm very surprise to see pcsc invocated, my smartcard reader is a Vega Alpha supported by gnupg internal drivers, on my debians I don't install pcscd and libccid because it is not necessary, works fine with PINPAD only with gnupg internal drivers with this smartcard reader

It's officially confirmed at this link :

On debian (jessie and sid) I can sign, encrypt use ssh support and poldi with this reader and my smartcard and use PINPAD fully supported.

Best Regards

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