Help needed to setup Passphrase with GNUPG 2.0.26 on Solaris 10

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Thank you fir your Help. Yes we are using putty only. Not any Graphical. But it complains that

You need a Passphrase to protect your secret key.

gpg-agent[7931]: can't connect to the PIN entry module: IPC connect call failed
gpg-agent[7931]: command get_passphrase failed: No pinentry
gpg: problem with the agent: No pinentry
gpg: Key generation canceled.

 We do not know why it gives this error when QTPinentry is not required.

S. Ravi Kumar

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> As an aside, a pinentry for Qt is of no use when you use PuTTY to
> connect to the server, unless you have a very specific setup. I think

It might be worth to check whether there is an interest in running gpg on the server via Putty and have Putty forward the communication of gpg to a gpg-agent+pinentry running on Windows.

I can't understand why anyone wants to use a Windows box to admin Unix servers, but the success of Putty shows that we Unix folks will soon be minority.



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