Error building GnuPG modern 2.1.0 on Yosemite

Patrick Brunschwig patrick at
Sat Nov 8 18:10:41 CET 2014

On 07.11.14 07:44, Werner Koch wrote:
> On Thu,  6 Nov 2014 19:37, bighype at said:
>> I tried to compile 2.1.0 today and ran into an issue. I have the
>> latest autoconf/m4/gnu toolchain and all of the latest libraries that
>> GnuPG needs.
> It is kind of funny that GnuPG as most autoconf enabled programs build
> fine on so many Unix platform but not on OS X we should be a modern
> Unix. 
> One of the reasons might be that GnuPG uses a small part of gnulib (gl/)
> but does not follow all the gnulib updates to avoid regressions.
>> ../gl/stdint.h:62:31: error: _types/_intmax_t.h: No such file or directory
>> ../gl/stdint.h:63:32: error: _types/_uintmax_t.h: No such file or directory
> This problem seems to cause by the hack below.  We hoped that this would
> fix the problems but obviously it didn't on all machines.  You may try
> to revert that patch.
> For 2.0.1 I'd really like to get access to a decent OS X box to test the
> build before releasing it.

I'm currently using Mavericks (10.9) with Xcode 6.1. I can imagine that
this is different on Yosemite (10.10) and/or a different version of
XCode. :-(

Which version of XCode do you (Mel) use?


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