My Conclusions

david at david at
Fri Nov 14 11:42:33 CET 2014

Hi All,

After spending 62 hours on what I thought would be a simple task namely to get a fully
functioning gnupg mirror on my 64 bit Linux system - I realise this is an impossible task to
do. In the past I've ended up creating a new set of certificates - but this time round I
thought that I would apply some effort.

My conclusion is It IS Impossible To Transfer Your Keys From The Same O/S To Another Machine.

There is no one in the entire universe that has ever attempted it. And if they have THEY
HAVE FAILED. Not one person on this list knows how to do it successfully. No one. NOT ONE OF
YOU can transfer a mirror image of your .gnupg folder and expect it to work.

This tells me what I have long suspected - yes it's good at encryption and signing but the
programme is fundamentally flawed as to make it utter crap. My keys are PERFECT but the
software is CRAP. Werner Koch knows it's crap. Every one knows it's crap.

So, If I want to go on signing and encrypting my emails I HAVE TO CREATE ANOTHER SET A

I am not a happy bunny!!!


“See the sanity of the man! No gods, no angels, no demons, no body. Nothing of the
kind.Stern, sane,every brain-cell perfect and complete even at the moment of death. No
delusion.” -

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