Why the software is crap

Robert J. Hansen rjh at sixdemonbag.org
Fri Nov 14 16:32:51 CET 2014

> No one. No one. No one knows how to do this simple task.

(a) delete random_seed
(b) copy your .gnupg directory over

I don't see the problem.  I've done this at least fifty different times
in the last year as I've stood up virtual machines.  If you'd like a
copy of the Python script I use to do this quickly, say the word.  It
probably won't be useful for you unless you stand up a lot of virtual
machines, but...

> As I have said no one has ever successfully transferred their public
> and private keys between machines and got them to successfully work.
> That's a real fact. And no one on this list as any practical
> solutions that work in the real world. That's a fact. The fact is no
> one on this list has ever done it with 100 per cent success. That's a
> fact.

These are not facts.

Take a deep breath.  There are people here who want to help you, people 
who have successfully done what you want to do.  Keep a cool head and 
work the problem.  Let's not make matters worse with harsh words, okay?

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