Why the software is crap

NdK ndk.clanbo at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 21:49:23 CET 2014

Il 14/11/2014 18:24, david at gbenet.com ha scritto:

> I have a clean install of 64 bit LXD - all programmes are working 100 per cent. My keys get
> imported perfectly - every programme including Enigmail knows they are there. But when I try
> to sign or sign and encrypt I get the error referred too. No amount of copying no amount of
> backups no amount of anything will change that fact.
Then do what we've already done to try to help you: open a terminal on
the source machine, type the commands and cut&paste to the list.
Unless you do that, showing *exactly* what you've done, I doubt anybody
can help you: all our crystal balls are broken...

And I'm *not* going to try to help you again unless I see that
cut&paste. Wasted time.


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