The Facts:

Heinz Diehl htd+ml at
Sun Nov 16 09:11:36 CET 2014

On 16.11.2014, david at wrote: 

> So am going to install a copy of Thunderbird at least 4 years older than the current version
> with an appropriate Enigmail.

> As stated and as aa fact of daily life there are problems
> running a Linux distro in x86_64 there are problems with gnupg2 there are problems with
> Thunderbird and there are problems with Enigmail.

I have installed several 64-bit Linux distributions in the last 6
months (mainly Fedora and Arch), and most of the users have
Thunderbird as their email client. All of them run gnupg, thunderbird
and enigmail, and none has encountered a single problem so far.

Furthermore, if you think your problems are related to Thunderbird,
there's also Sylpheed, which has great gnupg support natively (and
which I for myself would prefer over Thunderbird):

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