Encryption on Mailing lists sensless?

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Tue Nov 18 11:57:20 CET 2014

UX-designer-aproach to car design:

"We need to remove break and clutch pedals from cars because our user studies say that a 3 pedal interface for driving an automobile is just way too difficult."

I say those who can’t be arsed to learn how, do not deserve a driver’s license. You let a child fail and try again until they learn… so on and so forth.

Some encryption software UI is too difficult, yes, some pretty much lack a UI. Fair enough. But the "one click is one click too many” defeatist mentality is just wrong. It is not always the UI’s fault and sometimes you just have to say “make the user learn or make ‘em go away”. Yes, it’s a valid option.

PS: I work with UI and UX folks on software all the time. Yes, it might get a little heated sometimes :).


On 18 Nov 2014, at 11:43, Nan <nan at goodcrypto.com> wrote:

> In an ideal world, yes. But after 20 years of recommending user-to-user encryption, it's clear most users can't or won't. As Bruce Schneier says, "If there's anything PGP has taught us, it's that one click is one click too many." Experts can still encrypt any messages they want individually. We can't leave the rest of us unprotected.

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