Encryption on Mailing lists sensless?

Nan nan at goodcrypto.com
Tue Nov 18 16:34:33 CET 2014

Alexandre, do you really believe that anyone could "deserve to remain a slave"?

Assuming you don't, I'll address your calmer points.

  > mygroup.org can be corrupted, menaced or cracked.

Sure, a server is a single point of failure for the group, and must be carefully configured and protected. It's still much safer than hoping users will protect themselves.

  > the change of roughly everything

I prefer solutions that protect as many people as possible now.

  > ClawsMail, Thunderbird, etc.

People usually don't want to change mail clients.  Most have no idea how to configure crypto or manage keys.


GoodCrypto warning: Anyone could have read this message. Use encryption, it works.

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