correct usage of gpg param 'throw-keyid(s)' ?

grantksupport at grantksupport at
Fri Nov 21 21:16:39 CET 2014

What is this param's correct usage:

	"throw-keyids" or "throw-keyid"


I see conflicting docs online: & 
		    Do not put the recipient key IDs into encrypted messages. This helps to hide the receivers of the message and is a limited countermeasure against traffic analysis.1 On the receiving side, it may slow down the decryption process because all available secret keys must be tried. --no-throw-keyids disables this option. This option is essentially the same as using --hidden-recipient for all recipients.

		throw-keyid — do not put key IDs into encrypted packets

Generally, which gpg docs are authoritative?,

OR, ?

I.e., if/when they conflict, which is considered correct?

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