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Thanks Doug

On 22 November 2014 02:37, Doug Barton <dougb at> wrote:
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> Either symmetric or PK encryption would suit your needs, but as
> someone pointed out already, a better solution is to use a password safe.
> KeePass is an excellent solution, and I use the same password db
> between Windows, Linux, and OS X (not in that order). :)  You want to
> use the lowest common denominator format between those systems, which
> at this point is the 1.28 version for Windows, and the keepassx
> version that comes with most Linux distributions (I use Ubuntu
> primarily).


typically Secure access requires n items, login/pwd/mothers maiden
name/ inside leg measurement etc... Can keepassx store a list of
key:value pairs?
  I know some systems are restrictive in this area. I'm currently
running Python code which dumps the dictionary content for use, direct
from the decryption.

So where do you store the data? Online for access from 3 machines? Dropbox?
   Seems an unnecessary exposure. I'll have a look.

>  And obviously you don't want to use solutions like
> LastPass, where your stuff is stored in their cloud. The question of
> "What if they get hacked?" is no longer academic, since it happened
> recently.


> For synchronization between systems I use SpiderOak, which also has
> clients for all 3 platforms. KeePass already encrypts the db file, and
> SpiderOak, unlike most "cloud storage" platforms, encrypts the files
> it backs up locally (on your system) with a special key that the
> company does not know.

Another exposure? At least with a symmetrical encryption the files are
only local... (Am I being too cautious?)

> If you use this link to sign up for SpiderOak, I get free space. :)

Thanks Doug. More options.

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