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Peter Lebbing peter at
Sat Nov 22 11:11:07 CET 2014

On 22/11/14 10:23, Dave Pawson wrote:
> Looks like Ubuntu only?
> Not found for Fedora.

If I look at the KeePass website, specifically at [1], I see:

---------------- 8< -------------- >8 ----------------
In addition to Windows, KeePass 2.x runs fine under Mono, i.e. Linux, Mac OS
X, BSD, etc.

Links to all supported packages can be found on the KeePass downloads page:

    Debian/Ubuntu Linux:
    Install the keepass2 / KeePass 2.x for Debian/Ubuntu Linux package (e.g.
using APT). A link to a page with more information about this package can be
found on the downloads page.

    Fedora Linux:
    Install the keepass package (from the Fedora repository; link on the
downloads page).

---------------- 8< -------------- >8 ----------------

So it would appear that Fedora calls the package "keepass" rather than
"keepass2", but it is available (and is actually version 2.x).

I use KeePass 2 myself and like it. I only use Linux though.

By the way, regarding your first post: while symmetric mode is pretty much
invented for your use case, you can also encrypt to your own public key. It
would be overkill if that is all you have the private key installed for. But
if you have the private key installed anyway and use it for other stuff, and
have gpg-agent cache your passphrase, it would mean you wouldn't have to type
the passphrase every time.

I can think of a special case where it gets even better in my eyes: if you
have a smartcard. You only have to type a relatively short PIN instead of a
strong passphrase. Then again, I type my KeePass 2 strong passphrase often
enough, and it's not bothersome. Maybe I just like smartcards :). Yep, that's it.



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