Pros and cons of PGP/MIME for outgoing e-mail?

Simon Ward simon+gnupg at
Mon Nov 24 21:10:00 CET 2014

On 24 November 2014 19:45:33 GMT+00:00, I wrote:
>On 24 November 2014 12:44:31 GMT+00:00, Bjarni Runar Einarsson
><bre at> wrote:
>>> Wrap in a message/rfc822 part.
>>If PGP/MIME had proposed this from the start, then I wouldn't be able
>>make cheap shots about Subject lines and indeed, living with the other
>>problems would be far more palatable.
>>But PGP/MIME missed that boat, and the user experience of a
>>message/rfc822 part inside a multipart encrypted wrapper is really not
>>acceptable in today's clients.
>I currently use Thunderbird and Mutt, both of which can open "emails
>within emails" as MIME parts, but I'm fairly certain Outlook from
>Office 2002 coped with them too. Granted, it's still an extra step with
>those MUAs, but all they need to do is handle MIME, which is a
>container just as much as Zip is. Why introduce Zip as yet another
>container, and yet another thing for diverse MUAs to handle instead of
>using one that many MTAs already support?

I do find it a little bit ironic that I am also using Kaiten Mail (a derivative of K-9 Mail) for Android to send these very emails, but have user interface troubles even just to send with a different alias. Never mind that I have stopped generally signing emails because I kept my primary key offline and APG did not handle the sub-keys. Oh well.

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