Pros and cons of PGP/MIME for outgoing e-mail?

Bjarni Runar Einarsson bre at
Wed Nov 26 12:58:03 CET 2014

Hi all,

Thanks for all the feedback.  My take-aways so far are:

1. People like PGP/MIME, there's zero interest here in replacing it
2. I need to spec out more clearly how the Manifest works
   - the questions/concerns show I have not communicated my ideas clearly enough

My next steps on this will probably be:

1. Spec out the Manifest properly
2. Draft an implementation where the Manifest is used alongside PGP/MIME
(not instead of)
   - think of it as an additional signature which also covers parts of the RFC822 header. ;-)
3. Come back here when I have something more concrete

In case folks were wondering, Mailpile currently defaults to PGP/MIME
when messages have attachments, but uses inline signatures/encryption
when there is only a text message to send. This is done to improve
compatibility with lame MUAs/plugins. It's configurable, but the setting
is not exposed in the default user interface at the moment.

The Manifest probably won't change that in the near future, unless I get
some solid data to back up the concerns I've outlined in the post and

Cheers, and thanks for GnuPG!
 - Bjarni

I make stuff:,
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