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a few days ago at a Cryptoparty I noticed that it is not only important 
to teach people. Determining how much they have understood is important, 
too. After all, the overall security you get from real world crypto is 
technical in nature only in a minority share. More important is that you 
know what you are doing.

Thus there should be online tests which allow people on different levels 
of knowlege (beginners, experienced users) to find out how much they 
have really understood.

As I am not aware of something like that I did it myself:

The first version is for beginners and in German only. Translating that 
should not be too much work thus I will probably make an English version 
myself (if noone else does before me). But maybe someone here likes the 
idea and does something like that for another language (if so then I 
would like to be noticed so that I can set a link to the other 

The Germans here may find it useful if they teach others how to use 
OpenPGP. I am interested in the experiences you gain with it (for 
improving the test).

Crypto für alle:
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