Libcrypt examples?

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Sat Oct 18 01:45:43 CEST 2014

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>It's pretty easy to show, for instance, that breaking a 256-bit cipher
>with a Zarbnulaxian quantum computer would release so much heat the
>earth would be uninhabitable.

Well, I'm damn glad I asked then.

I *had* invited a friend of mine from Zarbnulax over this weekend.
We *were* going to fry up some steaks, have a couple of beers, and
try out his new computer on a 256-bit cipher, but I'm emailing him
now and telling him that the barbecue is off for now... both our
little one, and also the earth-sized one.

>The reason why I never talk about "the [insert-three-letters-here]" is
>because those conversations deteriorate very quickly.  Once you invoke
>those three letters, many otherwise-rational people turn into unhinged
>conspiracy theorists who buy even the most absurd claims.

Can't speak for anyone else, obviously, but I promise to keep my hinges

>As an
>example, over on the Enigmail list there was someone who sincerely
>believed that a site parodying the [insert-three-letters-here], which
>*explicitly said it was a parody*, was in reality the real deal and
>everything it said should be believed.

Well, you know what they say... You can't prove a negative. :-)

>Once you start using those letters the overall quality of the
>conversation gets degraded.  I prefer to avoid that.

I'm with you.  I'll refrain from mentioning Bleep.Bleep.Bleep in
future. (I suspect that we're all gonna have our hands full with
looney Ebola conspiracy theories for the next couple of months at
least anyway, so yea, no need to add more fuel to the fire.)


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