Restoring GnuPG

Sudhir Khanger ml at
Sun Oct 19 11:48:18 CEST 2014


I have a few questions regarding GnuPG.

1. Is secret key the most important part of GnuPG? By important I mean
if you only had your secret key could get back to your original setup
ignoring the imported public keys. My original setup included signing
and encryption key created along with the creation of the key, public
key part and revocation certificate generated by me and uid attached
to the key, of course by me. Can all these be recreated from your
secret key? So as long as you have your secret key you are good to go.

2. "gpg --import secret.key" I suppose this is the command I have to
use to import the secret key on a new system.

Sudhir Khanger,,,
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