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Hi MFPA, gnupg users,
* MFPA <2014-667rhzu3dc-lists-groups at> [26. Oct. 2014]:
> Hi
> On Sunday 26 October 2014 at 7:19:28 AM, in
> <mid:544CA080.5040402 at>, NdK wrote:
>> IIRC a tool exists to do that, in a way that makes it hard for keyserver
>> owners to extract "social" metadata (like "these keys are on a single
>> keyring"). Too bad I can't recall its name :(
> I remember reading about a tool to refresh the keys on your keyring
> from keyservers, one key at a time at random intervals (and if I
> recall correctly, picking a random keyserver from a list). But I can't
> remember the name either, and I couldn't come up with search terms to
> find it with a search engine.

It's name is  parcimonie:
There is also a reimplementation as a bash shell script:
which claims: "Unlike the original Parcimonie,
guarantees that each key refresh happens over a unique Tor
circuit even when multiple refreshes happen at the same time. "

Ciao, Gregor
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