Update on USG, Software, and the First Amendment

Martin Behrendt martin-gnupg-users at dkyb.de
Tue Oct 28 10:54:52 CET 2014

Am 27.10.2014 um 19:20 schrieb Robert J. Hansen:
> Just received word back from a friend of mine who's a law professor
> focusing in electronic civil liberties, and is a former Commissioner of
> the FCC to boot.  He's skeptical that ITAR/EAR enforcement will affect
> U.S. hackers participating in libre software development.  More than
> that I can't/shouldn't say, since he was writing off-the-cuff in a
> personal email rather than carefully drafting remarks for public
> consumption.
> He rather likes writing short essays on law.  If there's interest, I'll
> try and talk him into writing something layman-friendly about ITAR/EAR,
> cryptography, and the First Amendment.

I actually would be interested in how he would argue if he was the
government and would want to prosecute hackers for that. Or both. Just
like the old saying: 2 lawyers, 3 opinions.

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