gnupg privicy assistant - card manager.

Paul Lewis paul.lewis at
Mon Sep 1 12:28:17 CEST 2014

On 01/09/14 07:37:45, Werner Koch wrote:
> On Sun, 31 Aug 2014 16:00, paul.lewis at said:
> > I'd like to use the card manager function, but whenever I invoke it
> > the application returns the error "Error accessing the card", and 
> > the status bar reports "Checking for card .. "
> I have actually thank you for raising this issue:

My pleasure.

> The problem is that the gnome-keyring-dameon hijacks the inter 
> process communication (IPC) between gpg and gpg-agent.  It 
> implements a very limited set of commands of gpg-agent but nothing 
> more.  Recent versions of GnuPG detect this and show a warning 
> message or pop-up to tell you just this.
> Depending on the version of gnome-keyring-daemon, it is possible to
> disable the gpg-agent hijacking component.

I would be interested in how to accomplish this. If you can point me to 
a thread or reference in the gnupg manual, that would be appreciated.

>  Unfortunately it is hard
> to convince the maintainer to disable this mis-features.

So Gnome breaks gnupg-agent and they will not fix it?

> See the mail thread starting with this mail for details:
> > I presume, the system is misconfigured is some way. Any one got any 
> > suggestions?
> You may want to bring this to the attention of your Linux
> distribution. The solution could be easy: The gpg-agent component 
> needs to be disabled when build gnome-keyring-daemon:
>   ./configure --disable-gpg-agent 

I prefer the gpg-agent UI. Anyway, Seahorse doesn't seem to know about 
smart cards so the whole reason I posted, to see my smart card in the 
card display of gpa  is defeated if I disable gpg-agent.

Unless I have the wrong end of the stick?


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