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I'm a completly new possible user of macgpg.
I want to use it but somme security questions don't be resolved :
I've a Mac with Mac OS 10.5.8 Intel Core 2 duo with AppleMail 3.6 and  
want to download the free software.

I've falled on this site :
which lets download this :
GNU Privacy Guard - pour Mac OS X 10.1 (et suivantes)
Pour Mac OS X 10.4.x et plus nouveau
GnuPG v2.x, now a separate project.
1.4.9, MD5: 36d9eb482a98774521bfd7bb73e4ad06
I've choosen 1.4.9

The link is :

But after,  I've read : Never use a GnuPG version you just downloaded  
to check the integrity of the source - use an existing GnuPG  
on :
and that's the problem for me :
how can I know if the software downloaded is secure or not ?

I followed the advices :
gpg --verify 1.4.9
sha1sum 1.4.9
etc., on

but never appeared the good suite MD5 of numbers and letters !
'openssl md5 [nomDeFichier]'Last login: Sun Aug 16 17:52:58 on console
Ordinateur-839:~ alain1$ 'openssl md5 [/Users/alain1/Desktop/ 
GnuPG1.4.9.dmg ]'-bash: openssl md5 [/Users/alain1/Desktop/ 
GnuPG1.4.9.dmg ]: No such file or directory
Ordinateur-839:~ alain1$ 'openssl md5 [GnuPG1.4.9]'
-bash: openssl md5 [GnuPG1.4.9]: command not found
Ordinateur-839:~ alain1$ openssl md5 [/Users/alain1/Desktop/ 
 > 'openssl md5 [/Volumes/GnuPG\ Mac\ OS\ X\ 1.4.9/GnuPG\ for\ Mac\ OS 
\ X\ 1.4.9.mpkg ]'
 > openssl md5 <1.4.9>
 > sha1sum /Volumes/GnuPG\ Mac\ OS\ X\ 1.4.9/GnuPG\ for\ Mac\ OS\ X\  
 > sha1sum 1.4.9
 > sha1sum/Volumes/GnuPG\ Mac\ OS\ X\ 1.4.9
 > sha1sum /Users/alain1/Desktop/GnuPG1.4.9.dmg
 > sha1sum <1.4.9>
 > sha1sum GnuPG1.4.9.dmg
 > openssl md5 <GnuPG1.4.9.dmg>
 > openssl md5 GnuPG Mac OS X 1.4.9
 > openssl md5 [GnuPG Mac OS X 1.4.9]
 > gpg --verify /Volumes/GnuPG\ Mac\ OS\ X\ 1.4.9
 > gpg --verify 1.4.9
 > openssl md5 <GnuPG 1.4.9>
 > 'openssl md5 [/Users/alain1/Desktop/GnuPG1.4.9.dmg]'
 > openssl md5 [/Users/alain1/Desktop/GnuPG1.4.9.dmg]
 > sha1sum /Volumes/GnuPG\ Mac\ OS\ X\ 1.4.9
 > sha1sum GnuPG1.4.9.dmg
 > sha1sum GnuPG Mac OS X 1.4.9
 > sha1sum 1.4.9

  Thus, my second question :
With which application can I check that the software downloaded is  
secure (writing "openssl md5…")
In which Web site can I download a secure GnuPG1.4.9.dmg ? Does it  
compulsorily begin with https ?

Third question :
Have I to put the software into the folder "applications" to install  
it ?

Last question:
This software does it work on AppleMail 3.6 ?

Thanks for your answers.
And excuse me for my unknowledge of softwares...


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