Multiple Subkeys for different Uses

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Tue Sep 16 18:06:29 CEST 2014

Am Di 16.09.2014, 18:38:42 schrieb Sam M:

> For each of the subkeys of interest, I did the following ("a" being
> the looping variable) -

> --export-secret-subkeys

> This gives me 3 files that I want in a separate keyring (listed below
> with MD5) -
> a5fcd3e138a869d03a2b398e180ab729
>  A6213A0EC2D5F16F.94A665734DBA1287.private.subkeys
> 08d137bbdcc956a64cc3a6af8d3ce827
>  A6213A0EC2D5F16F.2DBE6F0BEDA58669.private.subkeys
> c7d6d5a023a09a51e89924ce0f9f0f3d
>  A6213A0EC2D5F16F.CAD36405FD140940.private.subkeys
> I then import these subkeys -

And that's the point: For some (strange...) reason it is impossible in 
1.4.x and 2.0.x to import secret key parts if there are already secret 
key parts.

You can combine those files to a single file though and import them at 
once. You need binary files (without --armor) and the command gpgsplit 
for that. Then you just combine the needed parts with cat to a ned file 
and import that.

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