(Really OT!) encrypting to expired certificates

Peter Lebbing peter at digitalbrains.com
Tue Sep 16 21:30:51 CEST 2014

On 16/09/14 21:15, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
> [shrug]  As soon as I let the opinions of other people I've never met
> start weighing heavily on my self-esteem, I'll let you know.  Until
> then, I really don't care.

However, I can't help but feel angry by your dismissal of my beliefs and
misrepresentation of my words. It's a flaw, I know that. But even if you are of
stone, maybe you should remember that it's actual people you are conversing with
who have emotions and might feel strongly about things. And really, really
dislike being made out to have said things they didn't. Twist your words
whicheveryway you want (is that one word?), but from context, it was completely
obvious I never attacked your "real impact" statement, but attacked your "so
hypothetical statement"; the former was simply a mode of expression that is not
at all uncommon and certainly not something to be lambasted for.

I can't believe I'm still replying. Another flaw, I know. I should be the bigger
man here. But I'm past the point where I still can. So I diminish myself to the
level you are currently conversing at. I really hope I can find the strength to
simply ignore your next dismissal of my heartfelt words and funnily meant
comments like "hot-button issue". You, sir, really like to take the piss. Again,
remember, real human being here, one who is currently having a bit of a problem
with repeating "This guy is not one of my friends, what do you care" to himself.


PS: Wow, really throwing myself wide open here emotionally. An asshole would
probably abuse that. Ah well, I don't think you would go /that/ low.

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