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Robert Deroy robert.deroy at
Thu Apr 2 16:14:12 CEST 2015

Good Morning,
I send you this letter because maybe you can help me about somethings,
i know that my english is not perfect at all..

Is it possible to remake an original gpgconf file ?

I don't understand how i could use this commands :

--default-preference-list string

And how could i use this one ? :
--personal-cipher-preferences string

Is it possible to set preferences for the gnupg software globally ? Or maybe it is possible just for a key especially ?
Preferences are recorded inside the keys ? Or in the gnupg software ?

When we generate a new key, preferences of cipher algo or digest algo are impacting the new key ?

I try to set a default user with those commands, but it works not :

Is a gnupg portable for linux exist ? Or maybe i should use wine.

A lot of question.. Thank you very much for your work, and your answer.

Robert Deroy

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