Making the case for smart cards for the average user

Ben McGinnes ben at
Tue Apr 7 15:10:34 CEST 2015

On 7/04/2015 10:39 pm, MFPA wrote:
> We are talking at cross-purposes.
> When I look at that UID:-
>      Ben McGinnes <ben.mcginnes at>
> I see angle brackets around the email address, in the usual way.
> I was talking about what happens when the angle brackets are not
> there.
> If I generate a key with the UID of:-
>    Test20150407 user at
> and try to encrypt an email to user at it fails.
> If I add the UID:-
>    Test20150407 <user at>
> and try again, it just works.

Ah.  Alright, fair enough, *that* is a bug.  The previous descriptions
made it sound like a key with the first of those test UIDs wouldn't
show up when searching for "<user at>" to which my response
was, well yeah.  The basis of my concern there being that partial
matches on email would have even more unintended consequences when
gTLDs matched ccTLDs and the inevitable can of worms that leads to
(and certainly has in the past in a more general sense).


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