Notes from the first OpenPGP Summit

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Apr 27 20:21:54 CEST 2015

On Mon, 27 Apr 2015 01:31, bre at said:
> Thanks for the write-up, Werner! :-)

Actually you have been much faster with your report

>>   disappointed that many of the participants favored this closed
>>   invitation-only style summit and want the next meeting to happen the

> On the one hand, I suspect it would be very hard to maintain the
> excellent signal/noise ratio we had, in a completely open summit. On

Maybe.  We are used to work on mailing list and I would bet that in most
cases it is easier to ask too noisy participants to behave well during a
physical meeting than on mailing lists.  The IETF has quite some
experience with that and requires physical meetings for important tasks.

> Was the idea of having a mixed summit discussed? I think there was
> general consensus that we could probably skip the introductions next

Not that I know.  I left the session at some point, though.

> time, so perhaps one of the two days could be open and the other day
> closed for people who want to work together on specific issues?

As long has all participants may introduce a new attendee I would be
fine with such a scheme.  No need for strict registration rules.

> Or the group could fork, with the first day shared for talks and getting
> to know each other, and the second day forked into non-dev-friendly
> activities (crypto-parties, keysigning, introductory talks) scheduled

The problem is that at least for talks, those speakers would likely also
want to participate in the smaller working groups.

> out-reach, it's might not be a great idea.  But we do have a while until
> the next meetup is planned, so there is time to reconsider and think
> about whether we can find a way to preserve the focus of the group
> while still welcoming new people to the community.

Organizing a conference takes some time and thus we would need to start
with it soon.  In case people would agree to come again to Germany I
have an idea whom to ask to run such a conference.

> Although my politics and yours align, I think it might be a strategic
> mistake to exclude the closed-source folks from these discussions...

The GNU towers expect me to talk like this - but I am not always wearing
my GNUhat ;-)



Die Gedanken sind frei.  Ausnahmen regelt ein Bundesgesetz.

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