Problems with key available in v1.4.19 but not v2.1.5

Brian Minton brian at
Mon Aug 3 00:19:20 CEST 2015

The 2.1 branch deprecates all pgp v2 keys. My guess is that your old key
was one of those.  See
for details.

On Fri, Jul 17, 2015, 4:53 PM Philip Neukom <pneukom at> wrote:

> Hello all.
> I'm having some problems with my key that was created a long time ago
> (1994) but updated with new emails over the years.
> I am stuck after searching for an answer so thought I'd ask for some
> guidance from the list.  I have reviewed the Docs, Mini Guide and HowTos.
> I apologize in advance for the rather lengthy email but I figured I
> had to put as much info so you may see what I've tried.
> I moved my keys pubring.gpg, secring.pgp and trustdb.gpg to a new Mac
> over the past week.
> I downloaded and installed MacGPG for the GUI. I only installed the GPG
> Keychain, GPG Services and MacGPG.
> When I opened the GPG Keychain, all the keys were on the screen for a
> brief moment and then the list shrunk and many keys disappeared in
> addition to my personal public and secret keys. ???
> So panic set in and I restored my pubring and secring from backup and
> deleted the install of MacGPG.  I thought maybe there was a problem
> with MacGPG so best to go back to command line Gnupg.
> I installed 2.1.5 from source and found none of my keys in the
> pubring and secring. What???
> So I downloaded and installed 1.4.19, restored the pubring and secring
> from backup again and found my public and secret keys are now listed.
> This time I generated a revoke just in case and to test the install.
> 1.4.19 works fine.
> Now I re-ran 2.1.5 and tried to find my keys.  Again they've gone
> missing. [# gpg2 --list-keys]  None of my keys (pub and sec) are
> available in 2.1.5.
> Re-running [gpg --list-keys] with 1.4.19 and my keys are still there.
> Why would v1.4.19 show my pub and sec keys but v2.1.5 wouldn't?  I
> presume this is something very basic but I'm stumped.  I thought v1.x
> and v2.x keys were interoperable??
> Thanks in advance for any guidance,
> Philip.
> PS I'm on digest mode so would appreciate if you could cc me directly on
> any reply.  Thanks.
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