Inability to export and then import my secret key

Peter Lebbing peter at
Wed Aug 12 13:01:41 CEST 2015

On 12/08/15 12:25, Mirimir wrote:
> I got that OP is migrating to new hardware, so I don't see why identical
> installations would be problematic.

Right, yes, then a full copy makes a whole lot more sense. I got thrown off by
the fact that the error message seems to indicate the key already existed, and
completely forgot about the introduction at the top of the message :). Such an
exceptionally short attention span seems to indicate an acute lack of caffeine,
I've taken swift action to remedy that!

Anyway, on-topic: don't copy random_seed though. And be aware that some options
in the *.conf files might only be applicable on the old system, and not on the
new one.


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