GPA - unsupported certificate

Dark Penguin darkpenguin at
Tue Dec 8 00:00:42 CET 2015

I am sure I've installed all updates and security-updates. I wanted to 
confirm the existence of another bug, so I've upgraded everything.

Debian has gpg installed by default; I did not run it before installing 
GPA - naturally, I would expect GPA to run it itself if it needs it. 
Also, in Debian, GPA depends on GPGv2, so it got installed as well. I 
believe this means GPA is using GPGv2, but I have no way to confirm it.

I am running MATE, not KDE, as some might have expected (judging by the 
abundance of "K"'s in the names "KGPG" and "Kleopatra") or GNOME3 
(judging by the mention of "GNOME Keyring"). I don't think I've seen any 
mentions of "Kleopatra" in my GPA, either the one from the repo, or the 
one from the website...

Erm... sorry, I am still not very good with understanding the bug report 
flow; I would have checked the Debian GPA bug page before writing here 
if I knew about its existence. ^_^' And yes, here it is, my "Unsupported 
certificate" bug!..

Seems like MATE uses GNOME Keyring, too. Unchecking it did not help... 
This did:

Indeed, this is a problem with GNOME Keyring, though fixing it now 
apparently requires more than just disabling the GNOME Keyring; but, 
this is a better solution, since you can keep the GNOME Keyring and have 
GPA work.

I'm not sure if this idea makes sense, but maybe it would be easy to add 
a check on the version of said gpg-agent before attempting to use it?.. 
On one side, GPA is probably supposed to work with whatever 
GPG_AGENT_INFO is set to; on the other side, if all the other software 
is fine working with GNOME Keyring and only GPA needs "only its own" 
gpg-agent, maybe it would make sense to disregard GPG_AGENT_INFO if it 
points to GNOME Keyring one, or maybe even disregard it always, or maybe 
even have GPA use another fixed path to always connect to "our" 
gpg-agent?.. This is not really "our problem", but a workaround would 
probably help...


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