Get gpg to use keyring files in the current directory

Jarle Hammen Knudsen jarlelistsubscriber at
Wed Dec 16 17:19:07 CET 2015

I'm trying to get gpg to create and use keyryring files in the current 
In e:\test I have this options file named test.conf :

     keyring test-public.keyring
     secret-keyring test-secret.keyring

If I cd to e:\test and use this command line:

     gpg --gen-key --options test.conf

the keyrings are not created in the current directory, but in 
The options file is read, since the keyring files use the specified names.

I'm using gpg to encrypt small backup files which will be decrypted by 
non-tech-savvy users that do not
usually use gpg. I'm going to store the keyrings ready for use on a 
USB-stick and will not know the absolute path
to the keyfiles.

Any suggestions?

gpg (GnuPG) 2.0.29 (Gpg4win 2.3.0)
Windows 10

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