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On Mon, 28 Dec 2015, Steve Butler <sbutler at> wrote:

> I see the attached when I do the search in Software Center on Ubuntu 15.10.
> Stephen M. Butler, PMP, PSM

Well, I see gnupg in the list, I am not sure whether it is gnupg2 or not.

gpg is hard to set up.  Even after it is set up to do what you
want, your correspondent must also have a working gpg/PGP system,
else you will not be able to communicate using gpg as your
encrypt/decrypt system.  The Free Software Forces have, so far,
failed to produce an email crypto system which one billion people
could use.  We have a good central armature for such a system,
namely gpg, but the stuff around gpg is in practice very
difficult to use.

What do you want to with GnuPG?


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> On Sun, 27 Dec 2015, Rob Landau <landaurob at> wrote:
>> Good day,  I have just received my first Linux system (Ubuntu 14.04)
>> It has Seahorse installed, but I don't see any GnuPG application.  How
>> can I determine if there is a GnuPG installed, and if so where to find it.
>> Searching the Dash for GnuPG reveals nothing, and there doesn't appear
>> to be any program in the Ubuntu Software Center
>> Cheers   ~Rob
> I use Debian.  On my system, if I open a terminal, and then, whether I am root or no, give the command:
>   apt-cache search gnupg
> apt returns a long list of packages.  Here are the last few:
> pinentry-tty - minimal dumb-terminal PIN or pass-phrase entry for GnuPG python-gnupg - Python wrapper for the GNU Privacy Guard (Python 2.x) python3-gnupg - Python wrapper for the GNU Privacy Guard (Python 3.x) libqca2-plugin-gnupg - transitional package for libqca2-plugins signing-party - Various OpenPGP related tools gnupg-doc - GNU Privacy Guard documentation gnupg-agent - GNU privacy guard - cryptographic agent
> gnupg2 - GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement (new v2.x) gnupg2-dbg - debugging symbols for gnupg2 gpgsm - GNU privacy guard - S/MIME version scdaemon - GNU privacy guard - smart card support
> On Debian, if you are connected to the Net, and if you do, as root;
>   apt-get update
> and then
>   apt-get install gnupg-doc gnupg-agent gnupg2
> apt should install the above three packages.
> Likely Ubuntu has a "GUI" wrapper or an equivalent for apt.  I'd have guessed that the "Ubuntu Software Center" would be it, and that the USC would show you gnupg easily.
> oo--JS.
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