Problem linking libgcrypt to libgpg-error

orangeprince at orangeprince at
Tue Feb 3 14:02:57 CET 2015


Can anybody tell what went wrong here?

% cd libgpg-error-1.18
% ./configure --prefix="/home/orangeprince/libgpg-error"
% make
% make install
% ls /home/orangeprince/libgpg-error
bin  include  lib  share

Success. But now:

% cd libgcrypt-1.6.2
% ./configure --with-libgpg-error-prefix="/home/orangeprince/libgpg-error"
checking for gpg-error-config... /usr/bin/gpg-error-config
checking for GPG Error - version >= 1.11... no
configure: error: libgpg-error is needed.

Many thanks!


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