Key keeps showing unknown trust

Peter Lebbing peter at
Mon Feb 9 14:20:57 CET 2015

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On 09/02/15 10:27, Hugo Osvaldo Barrera wrote:
> However, the issue at hand is another: even if I set a trust of 5
> (ultimate), the next screen still shows it as unknown and that doesn't
> change.

Also not when you quit and edit the key again? It should do a new trust
database calculation in between, unless it has been specifically told not to.

> If I delete my keyring, and re-import both secret keys, only the first of
> both that I set to ultimate is actually shown as ultimate, and the second
> is always shown as unknown.

Then it might be related to [1] perhaps? I'm not sure, just throwing it out
there as a pointer.




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