Pin-pad on SPR332 smartcard reader does not work under OSX

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Tue Feb 10 03:02:43 CET 2015

On 02/10/2015 12:25 AM, Niobos wrote:
> I have searched my system for reader.h, but didn't find that file. Next,
> I grepped through the better part of my filesystem (/usr, /System,
> /Library) for GET_FEATURE_REQUEST, and also came up empty.
> I have found a website [1] which might mean more to you that it does to
> me. From what I understand, OSX uses the same constants that GNU/Linux:
>> #define SCARD_CTL_CODE(code) (0x42000000 + (code))
> [1]

Thank you.  It seems for me that pcscd itself is modern and up-to-date
on OS X.  But, I'm afraid libccid is not so up to date on OS X.  And
I'm afraid if pinpad input is supported on OS X (not only for your
specific card reader, but in general).

> How can I debug this further?

I think that it is better to ask Apple if pinpad input is supported
(and update of libccid, if not).

Well, I don't think this is the matter of gnupg-users, but I'm writing
as an possible answer.  Sorry in advance, if it's irrelevant.

My script would help.

I wrote a Python script for testing pinpad input with OpenPGPcard
using PC/SC service.  By using this script, I have enhanced support of
some card readers into GnuPG.;a=blob;f=tool/

The script uses PySCard:

I have no knowledge/experience if PySCard works on OS X, but
it works on GNU/Linux.

Please note that the purpose of my script is for testing card readers,
basically, and it's not for testing PC/SC service or operating system.
Usefulness depends.

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