moving up from 2.0.26 to 2.1.1

Philip Jackson philip.jackson at
Wed Feb 11 20:06:34 CET 2015

On 11/02/15 16:20, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
>> I find that distro packages (for Ubuntu) lag well behind what is
>> available and I do appreciate that there is a trade-off between
>> proven reliability and up-to-dateness and also that distros rely on
>> maintainers who may well be volunteers...
> If your goal is to enjoy tinkering with technology, by all means, do
> what you're doing.  Can't fault you for it in the least; I love doing it
> myself.

Yes, I guess that I fall into this type slot.

> If your goal is just to make sure you have the latest and greatest
> security updates, you should probably stick with your distro's packages.
> The distro package may *say* 2.0.22, but any security fixes released
> after 2.0.22 will quickly be backported into your distro's 2.0.22 package.

A priori, this doesn't seem very transparent but I suppose there must be a way
to determine if 2.0.22 is original or augmented ?


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