Sign key with externalized master key

Xavier Maillard xavier at
Thu Feb 12 06:22:15 CET 2015

flapflap <flapflap at> writes:

> Xavier Maillard:
>> Daniel Kahn Gillmor <dkg at> writes:
>>> On Wed 2015-02-11 00:41:18 -0500, Xavier Maillard wrote:
>>>> May I ask how one would sign public keys when a "master key" is
>>>> stored onto an USB stick ?
>>>> So what ? My USB stick is formated using extFat so permissions are
>>>> something unknown.
>>> The fact that you're using a FAT volume is the root cause here; FAT
>>> filesystems do not have ownership or permissions, so when a modern OS
>>> mounts them, it has to fake permissions for these files.
>> Thank you for this precision. Are you aware of some "portable" and
>> well supported by the 3-major OSes filesystem type ?
> Since your issue only affects signing of other keys - which normally is
> not a daily scenario - what about using a GNU/Linux live system/CD/USB
> for that purpose?
> That way you can use a normal GNU/Linux supported filesystem and don't
> have to worry whether to trust your normal OS or which filesystem is
> compatible with all OSses you intend to use.

Good catch. I did something close: refurbished and updated my old slackware
GNU/linux system with FUSE exfat support. That does the job !

Thank you for your help.

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