ilovefs: Thank you, Werner and GnuPG users and developers

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Sat Feb 14 10:36:07 CET 2015

Hello, Werner and GnuPG lovers,

I'd like to share Matthias Kirschner's article today.

And I'd like to say, thank you to all in this opportunity.

Well, let me wrote something to celebrate

In 1999, I met Werner when he visited Japan for FSF seminar in Tokyo.
Yes, we exchanged GPG public keys at that time.

Then, in 2004, when I visited Germany to join LinuxTag in Karlsruhe, I
visited FSFE booth.  IIRC, Werner gave me OpenPGPcard version 1.0
(That's _the_ cause which eventually resulted Gnuk).  In return, I
taught my invention of GDHProtocol:

Perhaps, some people remembered that we played GDHP in front of the
FSFE booth.  This time, we exchanged the disks.

In the autumn of 2010, I started writing Gnuk, and it caused me to
join GnuPG development, so that I could improve scdaemon.  In 2011, I
signed contracts between FSF to assign copyright.  I remember that the
counter-part signer of GnuPG was Peter, and the one of Libgcrypt was
John, because of personnel changes in FSF.  At that time, I didn't
expect more involvement than scdaemon, but Werner was right.

Gradually, my involvement increased.  I happened to review or modify
routines in libgcrypt for public key cryptography or lower level
functions for that.  In 2013, I reviewed ECC code, and then, hacked
code for exponentiation to recover performance regression.  Now, I'm
trying to support Curve25519 in GnuPG.

This year, I plan to join Debconf 15 to meet Werner again.  If
possible, I'd like to play GDHP there.

Happy "I love Free Software Day 2015",

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