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Samir Nassar samir at
Wed Feb 18 12:19:33 CET 2015

On Wednesday, February 18, 2015 12:05:18 PM Jonathan Schleifer wrote:
> I suppose it might be a good idea to have a Qt GUI. That looks native enough
> on Mac so that most users won't complain, works good on X11 or Wayland
> based systems and also works well on Windows. Ideally, this would be a
> project under the GnuPG umbrella, but ideally not taking away time from
> core developers and thus be done by others. It also is not that security
> critical if it's just a GUI using the command line tool.


If you are using MacPorts you could try KGPG. Rolf Eike Beer is the maintainer 
and is very active and responsive.

I don't know if all the features will work on OS X, but I really like KGPG's 
ability to take text and encrypt and sign plain text from an interface as well 
as decrypt and verify ASCII-armored text.

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