Help need to use truecryt + openpgp applet.

Matthias-Christian Ott ott at
Thu Feb 19 18:22:42 CET 2015

On 2015-02-19 09:23, Ranjini H.K wrote:
> Yes my java card supports PKCS#11. Am not so sure about OpenPGP applet.
> What should i do othercase To make my OpenPGP applet support PKCS#11.

Your Java Card does probably not support PKCS #11. An applet on the card
might implement it. To make it work, you need a PKCS #11 middleware and
tell TrueCrypt about it (Settings > Security Tokens... > PKCS #11
Library Path). If you are using an applet that is supported by OpenSC,
you can use OpenSC. Otherwise you have to resort to the proprietary
middleware supplied by the vendor. OpenPGP cards should be supported by
OpenSC and should be usable with TrueCrypt [1]. There is also a
proprietary PKCS #11 library that should provide a PKCS #11 interface
for OpenPGP cards [2]. Otherwise you can try Scute [3].

That said, it is probably better to ask on the OpenSC mailing list [4]
about PKCS #11.

The Java Card OpenPGP applet seems to be maintained by Yubico at the
moment [5].



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