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> Yep, unfortunately it would appear the same or identical issue does
> occur with a speedo build of 2.1.2. The issue is essentially that
> smartcard works for the first time but once some-indeterminate-time has
> passed, gpg just hangs. No pinentry, nothing just happens. /Will need to
> troubleshoot this further on 2.1.2 to try to find out more./

We’ve noticed that the hang occurs in pcsc_get_status_change. Instead of receiving a timeout, it simply hangs forever, due to a bug in Yosemite’s PCSC implementation.
In order to work around the hang, we’re running this call in a separate thread now, and if it doesn’t return within a few seconds (5 at the moment), it sends a timeout to the scdaemon.
That fixed the issues for a lot of users, but there’s still one running into problems, yet it’s not entirely clear if that user’s problem is the same as this one.

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