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Sat Feb 21 15:40:17 CET 2015

On 21 Feb 2015, at 15:55, Xavier Maillard <xavier at> wrote:
> Hi Ville,
> Ville Määttä <mailing-lists at> writes:
>> I happen to use Mail so for a long time I’ve been using the GPGMail
>> plugin with a brewed[2] upstream GnuPG. I.e. *just one of the
>> things in the GPG Suite*. I’ve talked about this setup before in
>> the thread [3]. If one doesn’t use Apple Mail there is no reason to
>> use GPGTools at all.
> Thanks for that ! I thought I had to install it. So, I can drop it
> and install GPG via brew ?
> Regards
> --
> Sent with my mu4e

Yes that's right. You can also use the 2.1 installer linked to from downloads.

gpg-agent and pinentry-mac can also be installed via brew.

For 2.0.27 you can use the write up on this list I linked to. You might need to adapt it a little bit.

For 2.1 you shouldn't need the launchd stuff* unless you use SSH.

Btw. I noticed there's now a brewed 2.1. Wasn't 2.1.2 yesterday but didn't look at it any more closely yet.

* it was mentioned that 2.0.24 already made the agent on-demand changes which make launchd unnecessary (when not using SSH). The scripts don't hurt anyway.

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