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On 2015-02-17 22:32, Lukas Pitschl wrote:
> Hi all,
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> The code that checks out our GPGTools_Core repository is pretty old already and it’s certainly a stupid way to do it.
> At  the time we assumed that it was safe to check it out via ssl from github, since curl would refuse to do so if there was a certificate error. Passing it directly to bash is definitely a bad idea.
> We’ve discussed this internally and decided on removing the automated checkout completely.
> By making it a manual task, everyone can checkout the code and verify that it’s in fact the code they wanted to checkout.
> We will also look through our build system and check for similar code if there is.
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How about working using the github flow[1][2] instead of commiting straight to

This would force at least *one* other dev to quickly code-review anything
making it into the master branch. It's not incredibly burdensome, but it adds a
second pair of eyes to every line - something quite valueable in a security
proyect, IMHO.

Just my two cents,


Hugo Osvaldo Barrera
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