German ct magazine postulates death of pgp encryption

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Fri Feb 27 16:56:33 CET 2015

> Back in the good all days where everyone ran their own MTA and had
> full control over their DNS zones...

Ah, yes, back when men were men and sheep were scared.  :)

(It's an old American joke about the Old West: "when men were men and
sheep were scared," mostly due to a shortage of women.  I imagine the
Australians probably have their own version of it.)

> Given this, it is important to convince the mail providers to
> support their users doing end-to-end encryption.  It would really be
> simple.

With great respect, Werner, one thing twenty years of watching Classic
PGP and OpenPGP not succeed has taught me is that there is nothing
simple about increasing our user numbers.

In some sense I see GnuPG as a quite successful failure.  For the
original purpose of PGP -- email security -- OpenPGP has turned out to
be a dismal failure.  When used correctly by knowledgeable people it
offers a remarkable degree of protection, but it's condemned to forever
be a niche player.  Yet, in places where PGP was never imagined (signing
operating system packages, for instance), OpenPGP has turned out to be
incredibly important.

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