Secure Private Key Synchronization (RFC)

Tankred Hase tankred at
Thu Jul 2 15:48:16 CEST 2015


I'm Tankred from Whiteout ( Me, Werner and other
PGP projects discussed a secure way to synchronize a user's private
key between devices during the OpenPGP summit in April
( The goal
was to formalize and hopefully standardize a very simple protocol that
allows interoperability between mail user agents.

We've already gotten feedback from other vendors using OpenPGP.js such
as Mailvelope and 1&1, and we would also like to hear what the GPG
community has to say about it. Here is our current proposal:

Thanks for any feedback!

Kind regards,

Whiteout Networks GmbH c/o Werk1
Grafinger Str. 6
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